16 de septiembre de 2008

Eres todo lo que no puedo ver.

Charlotte Gainsbourg junto a Air... Wow! un temaza. Mi canción favorita de hoy Lunes.

Everything I Cannot see

...and i love you now
as i loved you then
but this island life
just had to end
but you will allways be
my special friend
i will carry you with me
and we can love again

now the drizzle
soaks us to the skin
and the stars hang like a noose
so let's face this together
now this storm is finally though

you're my life, you're my hope
you're the chain, you're the rope
you're my god, you're my hell
you're the sky, you're myself
you're the reason i'm living
you're all that i have to discover

you're the rain, you're the stars
you're so near, you're so far
you're my friend, you're my foe
you're the miles left to go
you are everything i ever wanted
and you are my lover

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